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Dining Room


You've worked hard – now it's time to enjoy yourself and do the things you love.

You have the option to enjoy three meals a day in our beautiful dining room. Most apartments are equipped with kitchenettes, but you can leave your dirty dishes and grocery lists behind and let us do the cooking instead!

In independent living, you have the option to choose items from a buffet yourself or order from a menu for plated service. The menu has been approved by a licensed dietitian to ensure well-rounded and healthy food choices are available. A staff of waiters and waitresses are also there to assist you with any needs and bring your choice of beverage and dessert.

Each day, Town and Country Manor serves a full breakfast along with lighter options such as yogurt, fresh fruit and an assortment of cereal. For lunch and dinner, choose from three entrée selections, fresh vegetables and fruits, a variety of side dishes, a full salad bar and dessert (including ice cream and sugar-free desserts)!


Invite family and friends to join

We encourage you to invite family and friends to join you, so we provide each resident with four additional guest meals per month. You can also request a private dining area for you and your guests to enjoy.

Have lunch on us

We would love to have you come in and join us for lunch. Contact us to set up a lunch date that works for you!

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