Description of Donor Funds

Four Donor Funds

1) Area of Greatest Need Fund

Provides immediate relief and impact in areas where we need the most support.

2) The Benevolent Fund

Provides our residents a place to call home and live fully – no matter what life’s journey holds. Rent assistance for income-qualified residents.

3) The Employee Fund

This one fund covers two areas to support Town & Country staff: Employee Scholarship, Employee Emergency Assistance.

Employee Scholarship
Supports professional development with education and training scholarships.

Employee Emergency Assistance
Supports employees facing financial hardship, due to unforeseen emergencies only, with a $1,500 cap.

4) Employee Appreciation

Supports employee appreciation outside of the normal operating budget including the year-end employee bonus.

One Donor Endowment

1) The C&MA Benevolent Endowment

Provides rent assistance for retired C&MA pastors and missionaries.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Town & Country has four donor funds and one donor endowment fund available for donors to support our mission with tax-deductible gifts. The C&MA endowment fund is held at Morgan Stanley. The remaining three donor funds are separately accounted for by Administration, are reviewed in the annual financial audit conducted by Forvis, and are held at Comerica Bank.