A delicious life

Town & Country has always strived to provide good food and a menu with plenty of healthy variety. In  2021, we added a new restaurant called Rob’s Garden Café. We also have plans to renovate the existing dining room.

We provide three meals a day in our beautiful main dining room. You have the choice of table service or buffet style, which allows residents to control portion sizes and choose the dishes and flavors they like best. Most apartments are equipped with kitchenettes, but many residents are happy to leave the cooking, dishwashing and grocery shopping behind and let us serve them!

Each day, Town & Country serves a full breakfast along with lighter options such as yogurt, fresh fruit and an assortment of cereals. For lunch and dinner, choose from three entrée selections, fresh vegetables and fruits, a variety of side dishes, a salad bar and dessert menu (including sugar-free desserts).

Rob’s Garden Café will serve espresso drinks, “grab-and-go” breakfast meals and sit-down, restaurant-style table service for lunch.

Family and friends dine with us

Skip the parking and long waits for a table. Invite family and friends to join you for lunch or dinner, right where you live! We provide each resident with four free guest meals per month. Plus, you can request a private dining area for special events for you and your guests.

Let’s do lunch!

We would love to have you join us for lunch—and we’ll pick up the check! Contact us to set up a lunch date that works for you.

Life at Town & Country is simply delicious. To learn more or schedule a tour, use the form below or call us at (714) 547-7581. You can also RSVP to an upcoming event.