Frequently asked questions

How do I know that this is the right decision for my mom and/or dad?

There are many misconceptions out there about senior living communities, but the most common response we get when someone moves in is: “Why did I wait so long?!” Moving to a senior living community does not mean you have to give up any independence, hobbies, pets, social connections or travel plans. It simply allows you to live a simpler and easier lifestyle without the stress or expense of home maintenance. You gain greater peace of mind about the future and have more options should your health needs change over time.

As a licensed continuing care retirement center (CCRC), we offer multiple levels of care – independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation – all under one roof. That means your loved ones won’t have to move again or be separated from their friends or partners if their health needs change.

The best way to make the decision is to visit Town & Country with you and your loved ones so you can experience the friendly environment for yourself and see everything we have to offer.

Can I afford to live at Town & Country?

It is more affordable than you would think, especially when you factor in all your current living expenses. The monthly fee ranges are based on the apartment you select and the level of care you receive and include three meals a day, weekly housekeeping, maintenance and access to activities.

Many potential residents are pleased to know that the contract is month-to-month and there is no buy-in fee required when you come to live at Town & Country. This helps makes the decision and transition easier for most. Please give us a call or come in for a visit to discuss your individual situation and financial options.

How will I know which level of care is appropriate?

Whether the decision is for you or your loved one, we take many precautions to ensure you are choosing the right level of care. Prior to move-in, a wellness evaluation will be completed by the potential resident’s personal physician, and we will perform our own assessment. We use this information to determine which level of care will best meet the specific needs and desires of your loved one.

Independent living: In general, someone who is ambulatory and has the cognitive ability to safely take care of their own physical needs is appropriate for independent living.

Assisted living: Assisted living is a good option for those who have mobility limitations and need assistance with their personal care and medication. Those who opt for assisted living are able to maintain their sense of independence, remaining involved in the social community at Town & Country while receiving assistance and the peace of mind that comes with 24-hour caregivers and nursing accessibility.

Memory care: Just as we are individuals, the manifestation of dementia differs greatly for each person. Memory care ranges from very light support, which can be achieved in assisted living all the way to later-stage dementia support which often entails physical support and specialized programming. We recommend having a neurological physician assessment completed to offer an accurate picture. An additional step is to schedule a visit with Grace Gardens for insights and assistance with determining the level of support needed.

Skilled nursing: Admittance to skilled nursing is at the direction of a doctor and is for those who require daily assessment by a licensed nurse.

Can someone be admitted directly to skilled nursing?

Yes, anyone can be admitted directly to skilled nursing as long as it is ordered by a doctor.

Town & Country is a Christian faith-based organization. Do I need to be a Christian to live there?

Although the Christian faith is at the heart of our organization, we welcome residents from all religious or nonreligious backgrounds. With that said, those who do not share the same faith beliefs often appreciate the warm and welcoming community and the level of care that results from our values.

Check out our floor plans to learn more about Town & Country’s apartments. Fill out the form below or give us at (714) 547-7581.