Memory Care

Grace Gardens Memory Care is a brand-new, $25 million community with the largest outdoor garden amenity in Orange County

When Town & Country CEO Dirk DeWolfe started his career in the 1980s, he encountered a dementia resident who just needed to walk. As long as he was walking, he was happy. That formative insight contributed to the unique physical design of Grace Gardens that provides residents with access to beautiful, natural surroundings, sunlight and plenty of secure, open space to move around.

Physical activity for people with dementia is critical to their well-being. After all, just imagine if you had to sit 24 hours a day in a confined space without the freedom to walk and explore? Hence, Grace Gardens will make excellent use of its 3,000 sq. ft. garden space, which is one of the largest in Orange County. The plans for the memory-care garden feature flowers, edible plantings, raised pea patch gardens and a potting shed so residents can take part in gardening activities. This family-friendly space is designed to be lived in and enjoyed.

Peer neighborhoods designed for comfort, care and well-being

Besides the latest in high-tech design and programming, Grace Gardens Memory Care will offer four different “neighborhoods.” Neighborhood activities will be attuned to residents and groups founded on peer-based, stage-informed care principles. Everything about the household design, including activities, staffing ratios, specialized training, floor plans and interior design, reflects important information about each neighborhood’s peer group.

Two key elements that define the peer group within each household are dementia stage and medical needs. Of course, we also keep personal preferences in mind. What shared personality traits, habits, interests and routines among the residents can add to the social fabric of the household?

Town & Country is a home-like environment that is enriching, safe, nourishing and supportive. It is customized to the residents who live and thrive within each unique household.

Person-centered care that honors the individual

At Grace Gardens Memory Care, we’ll ask for in-depth information about your loved one so we can design our care around his or her interests, habits and routines. The more we know, the better we can serve.

For example, if your loved one likes to sleep until 9 AM and have a light breakfast, the care staff will be instructed not to wake them any earlier, and the care plan will reflect their preference for a light breakfast.

Additionally, we will learn about favorite activities and what seems to make your loved one content, fulfilled and positive. In this way, we help create the best day we can.

At Grace Gardens, residents live as independently as possible

With each new resident, our expert staff conducts a comprehensive assessment, with an emphasis on understanding the new person’s cognitive abilities, potential and issues that might impact function.

Our staff are trained to use a well-respected, functional cognitive assessment method designed to discover your loved one’s current strengths and abilities.

Sometimes, a person can benefit from rehabilitation to improve upon an area of weakness. Other times, we use a habilitation approach in which we enable the person to do what is still possible by creating the “just-right level of challenge.” This approach facilitates the highest possible level of independence and encourages feelings of success and personal autonomy.

We know how to provide the proper support and cues to enable people to do as much for themselves as possible. While not an easy process, we have invested in the expertise that enable us to use these state-of-the-art assessment tools and manage care processes so your loved one can thrive.

A highly specialized, well-trained staff

The leadership at Grace Gardens Memory Care has been trained and certified by the Dementia Care Specialists, a national, nonprofit that helps organizations like Town & Country to create the most satisfying lifestyle for people living with dementia.

We have certified instructors in place to train all new employees and to continue training and staff mentoring on an ongoing basis. We train our care staff to sign off on their memory care competency and their ability to implement our model of care and philosophy.

Grace Gardens Memory Care is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This not only improves overall resident care, it also can reduce the need to transport residents to the hospital for unnecessary medical tests or treatment, which can result in added stress.

Because Town & Country is based on Christian principles, we also offer a full-time chaplain to attend to the spiritual needs of our residents and families, including prayer, questions, readings, stories and support.

Daily life at Grace Gardens Memory Care

Whatever activities your loved one finds meaningful and makes their life better, we try to capture in our group activities, as well as your loved one’s individualized care plan.

We perform an extensive life story assessment to learn about your loved one’s interests and preferences. We don’t ask residents to conform to an activity schedule that doesn’t reflect their interests. If a group activity isn’t of interest, our entire team is trained to engage your loved one in a meaningful solo activity that suits them.

Delicious meals are prepared in our brand-new bistro and served in each neighborhood kitchen. Residents gather around for meals and share together in a family-style setting. Special holiday celebrations and a variety of intellectual outings are offered, based on each resident’s abilities and desire.

Grace Gardens has also made significant investment in technology with Touch Play screens, programmed for the cognitive ability of each neighborhood.

To learn more, please schedule a tour, or attend memory care event with us. Call (714) 547-7581 or request information, and our admissions team will contact you.