COVID-19 updates

While Town & Country does not have a confirmed case of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the news about its potential spread and the risks it poses is concerning to us all.

Please check back frequently for our updates.

Please know that safeguarding the health, wellness and safety of Town & Country residents, staff and visitors is our top priority. We will update this web page to keep you informed of developments at Town & Country.

We are taking steps to help prevent illness and avoid spreading illness to others:

  • Restricting all visitors unless medically necessary or in end of life situations.
  • Temporarily closing the buffet and table service in the dining room and offering takeaway meals for residents.
  • Canceling all group activities and outings.
  • Cleaning common areas and high-touch objects and surfaces with bleach 3x daily.
  • Requiring visitors to complete a screening questionnaire at the front desk.
  • Requiring employees who have traveled outside the United States to follow CDC guidelines before returning to work.
  • Providing staff to do errands for residents (to replace shopping outings).

Thank you for your diligence in helping us to protect our community.

We are at your service. Simply call (714) 547-7581 or fill out the form.

Please Send Us a Note

We’d love to have you stop in for a tour, send you more information about us or answer any questions you have. The more you learn about Town & Country, the more you’ll want it to become your new home!