Person-centered care that honors the individual

Our innovative care methods help residents feel more confident, retain a sense of self and live with dignity. By not relying on pharmacological interventions, Grace Gardens Memory Care expects to foster genuinely happier residents (and family members), plus achieve a lower fall rate as compared to other memory care environments.

At Grace Gardens, our concept of wellness encompasses mind, body and spirit. We provide care and services that ensure your loved one remains strong and stays out of the hospital. Here’s how we do it.

Dedicated concierge doctor office

With our dedicated office where doctors can visit residents, your loved one will not be disturbed with travel for routine appointments. This feature can be a huge relief for family members, too, especially those who don’t live nearby. If more appointments are needed, the Grace Gardens care team can schedule and transport your loved one if desired.

24×7 nursing staff

Town & Country is proud to have earned a five-star rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the highest rating possible! Our tradition for excellence will be carried over to Grace Gardens Memory Care with a nurse on staff around the clock. This means many simple procedures and illnesses can be assessed on campus without your loved one leaving the community for emergency care. This helps eliminate unnecessary stress or confusion for residents.

Highly specialized, well-trained staff

The leadership at Grace Gardens Memory Care has been trained and certified by Dementia Care Specialists, a national, nonprofit that helps organizations like Town & Country create a healthy and satisfying lifestyle for people living with dementia.


We understand that physical exercise remains an essential activity for people with dementia, for both their physical and emotional well-being. Our programming includes robust activities that help people to live better and sleep better, while eliminating or vastly reducing the need for pharmaceuticals.


Dehydration is the enemy of our human bodies and especially so when you have dementia. That’s because people with dementia oftentimes can’t verbally express their thirst. When people are not hydrated, a host of physical ailments set in: constipation, bowel impaction, falls, urinary tract infections and disorientation. Grace Gardens follows a rigorous hydration program that gives residents water, other beverages and water-rich foods such as melons hourly to ensure residents stay well hydrated.


Sometimes a person can benefit from rehabilitation to improve upon an area of weakness. Other times, we use a habilitation approach in which we enable the person to do what is still possible by creating the “just-right level of challenge.” This approach facilitates the highest possible level of independence and encourages feelings of success and personal autonomy.

We know how to provide the proper support and cues to enable people to do as much for themselves as possible. While not an easy process, we have invested in expertise that enables us to use state-of-the-art assessment tools and manage care processes so your loved one can thrive.

Daily Life at Grace Gardens Memory Care

Whatever activities your loved one finds meaningful and makes their life better, we try to capture in our group activities, as well as your loved one’s individualized care plan.

Grace Gardens has also made significant investment in technology with Touch Play screens, programmed for the cognitive ability of each neighborhood.

We perform an extensive life story assessment to learn about your loved one’s interests and preferences. We don’t ask residents to conform to an activity schedule that doesn’t reflect their interests. If a group activity isn’t of interest, our entire team is trained to engage your loved one in a meaningful solo activity that suits them.


Delicious meals are prepared in our brand-new Rob’s Garden Café and served in each neighborhood kitchen. Residents gather around for meals and share together in a family-style setting. Special holiday celebrations and a variety of intellectual outings are offered, based on each resident’s abilities and desire.